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Plating Resources, Inc. is the world leader in electroplating technology. We provide you with in-depth expertise in all aspects of plating, both the art as well as the science. This includes the chemical, the electrical, the environmental as well as the equipment needs for producing high quality deposits on your parts. All four of these areas need to coordinated and optimized for a successful project conclusion.

We offer our clients "Total Project Responsibility" from a single source.

Environmental protection is ensured with the application of our Zero Discharge Recovery™, our Chemlock™ lined containment and our Extractor Ventilation. With Zero Discharge Recovery™, all process liquids are recovered for re-use and waste treatment is avoided. There are no sewer connections with our plating systems.

Plating Resources, Inc. lineage dates all the way back to 1931. We are the right size company to handle your requirements; large enough to provide extensive backing and stability, yet small enough to provide personalized attention to your needs.

Dura®, Durachrome®, Micro Tuff®, Chemlock® and Zero Discharge Recovery® are trade names of Plating Resources, Inc. Copyright and all other World Rights Reserved, 1990, 1995, 2012.



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