The plating and process tanks should be installed within lined containment. This would include all areas where the anodes will be stored as well as where any after plating tear down will be done. This containment should be fabricated of a poured concrete reinforced wall approx. 18" high for shallow tanks and a pit for deeper tanks. The containment area should not include any drains, be entirely self enclosed, and lined with Chemlock™.

It should also include a small sump so that any splashes or spills can be pumped out, filtered and re-used. In new installations a Subsoil Liner for tertiary containment can be placed below the secondary area as additional protection against leaks.

Chemlock™ is an innovative coating that was developed by Plating Resources, Inc. for specific application in electroplating. Chemlock™ uses a unique resin that forms a seamless, homogeneous, non-porous polymer upon curing. Special primers are used to obtain interlocked bonding for maximum adhesion.

Chemlock™ provides ultimate corrosion protection as the resins are impervious to both acids and alkalis. Being a rigid material, Chemlock™ cannot bubble, crack or tear, as other linings frequently do.

Chemlock™ is a dense material with a high molecular weight, which can be applied to any desired thickness. Field applications are easily accomplished.

The use of Chemlock™ avoids catastrophic lining failure; it is a lifetime material.

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