How much will it cost ?
What size plant do I need ?
What utilities are required ?
 How many operators do I need ?
What will the operating costs be ?
What about the environment ?
What about worker safety ?

At this point you probably have lots of questions that need answers. Your motivation likely involves:

Excessive costs for outside plating.
Delivery times that are long and unreliable.
Plating quality that is less than required.
Inability to get plating done locally.
Desire for independence and control.

Plating Resources, Inc. is positioned to provide clients with the needed Project Feasibility Study. This detailed study projects costs associated with both purchasing and operating the plating system. It includes details on the recommended process cycle, the bath chemistry, the processing times, the sizing of the equipment, the application of Zero Discharge Recovery™, the floor space and utility requirements, as well as many other related concerns.

This document is used to determine the viability of proceeding with the project. It can also be valuable for loan or investor purposes.

We have the ability to analyze your needs and determine the type of equipment and processes that will satisfy the requirements. Future growth projections are also taken into consideration. Our feasibility study can include:

  1. Establishing the overall project objectives.
  2. Determining the existing requirements & projected future growth.
  3. Developing the optimum process cycle and production rates.
  4. Selecting the bath chemistry to use; safest & most cost effective.
  5. Sizing of the tanks, rectifiers, ventilation and the major support equipment
  6. Providing the floor space, ceiling height and utility requirements.
  7. Determining the containment size and type, both secondary & tertiary.
  8. Developing any special considerations that may be needed.
  9. Application of Zero Discharge Recovery™ Technology to the processes.
  10. Determining the environmental regulations that will apply.
  11. Floor plan & cross sectional prints can also be provided.
  12. Establishing the overall project timetable.
  13. Determining the number of operators needed.
  14. Developing a projected overhead cost for the operation.
  15. Projecting the capitalization requirements for the project.
Feasibility Study
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