Plating Resources, Inc. provides services to companies that are looking towards installing a plating system in their plant. This includes the initial design and cost estimations, the final engineering, the equipment fabrication and installation, the system start-up, operator training and complete environmental compliance.

Our plating systems are designed to utilize Zero Discharge Recovery™. This concept is very environmentally friendly and avoids the need for a waste treatment system. There are no sewer connections with Zero Discharge Recovery™ whatsoever.

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Plating Resources, Inc. takes you from the concept stage all the way through to a completely operational system with your personnel fully trained. We provide extensive consulting and technical support services to our clients.

Dura®, Durachrome®, Micro Tuff®, Chemlock® and Zero Discharge Recovery® are trade names of Plating Resources, Inc. Copyright and all other World Rights Reserved, 1990, 1995, 2021.

Plating Resources, Inc.

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