Plating Resources, Inc. provides plating system capabilities on a global basis. Innovative engineering and the latest in practical technology are used in the design. This applies whether it is for a small manual system or a large computer controlled system for high production output.

Each plating system is designed and fabricated for your specific application. This provides you with maximized throughput while minimizing operational costs. A Plating Resources, Inc. system provides the following benefits:

Direct Cost Savings
Improvement In Quality
Reduced Turnaround Time
Control Of Manufacturing
Environmental Assurance

While some companies may be reluctant to establish a plating operation, this may actually be a benefit due to current environmental laws. A company that out sources plating may be liable for the cost of the clean-up should their vendor shut down or be forced out of business for any reason. A State-Of-The-Art plating facility is environmentally safe and the responsibility can be controlled when done in-house. The opposite is true when using an outside vendor to process your work.

In today's business climate it is essential that a plating facility be designed and installed in accordance with all EPA regulations. In fact, our goal is to exceed the standards by a significant amount. This provides you, the operator, with the needed peace of mind and avoidance of potential future liability.

The approach that we use follows this concept which requires following a logical sequence:

Phase 1 Project Feasibility Study
Phase 2 Final System Engineering
Phase 3 Permit Applications
Phase 4 Permit Review & Comment
Phase 5 Equipment Procurement
Phase 6 Installation Of Equipment
Phase 7 Start-Up & Run-Off Period
Phase 8 Stack Testing & Operation Permit
Phase 9 Operator Training
Phase 10 Future Technical Support

What Is Turn-Key
The plating industry is full of equipment manufacturers that claim to provide turn-key systems. What they call turn-key is worlds apart from what you might see the term meaning. These manufacturers may install a plating machine that transports a load of racks through a series of tanks, and to them that's turn-key. The critical point is what's missing from their concept, things that are needed for a fully operational department in your company, things like:

Responsibility for design & production output.
Detailed overall project engineering.
Zero Discharge™ with no sewer connections, not waste treatment.
Lined containment & subsoil protection.
Environmental Permit Applications.
Copper bussing from rectifiers to the tanks.
Bath chemistry & replacement chemicals.
Initial bath make-up, a critical item.
Including the anodes needed.
Designing & providing racks & fixtures.
Purification of incoming water.
CPVC plumbing & all plumbing connections.
Laboratory & control equipment.
Technical Support on plating issues.
Training of operators & management.

All of these items are needed for a functional plating system; one that is actually in operation and handling your production. Plating Resources, Inc. has enough experience with electroplating to know what the requirements are.

These are available either on a true Turn-Key basis or on an Advisory basis with us supplying only the needed technical assistance. The technical services are very important for a successful project conclusion. Ironically, this portion of a small - mid sized system is frequently 30% of the total project cost.

Following are examples and photos of various plating systems that were designed and installed by Plating Resources, Inc. Each one uses our Zero Discharge Recovery™ approach which eliminates the need for waste treatment equipment and sewer connections. The use of Zero Discharge Recovery™ is so effective that the EPA frequently advises that:

"No water discharge permits are required".

In addition, our Chemlock™ secondary containment effectively protects the property from potential spills. A subsoil liner can also be installed below the plant for tertiary containment.

Plating Resources, Inc. Extractor ventilation system technology has advanced to the point that the airstream is cleaned to a typical 99.9 % efficiency. This results in an airstream discharge that is well below the most stringent permit requirements.

Extractor composite mesh pad scrubber utilizing a pre-eliminator (not shown) for chromium plating. This unit was stack tested, under EPA control, and resulted in the lowest discharge ever recorded in the world, 0.00139 MG/DSCM, This is more than 10 times below the EPA mandate of 0.015
Continuous plating line for depositing tin, sliver or solder onto either copper or aluminum tubing with a copper strike. All non-cyanide baths and Zero Discharge Recovery™.
Electroless nickel line utilizing Zero Discharge Recovery™ and steam bath heating
Manual hard chromium line for high production manufacturing. Special high speed bath chemistry is used.
Continuous precision hard chromium plating onto 30' long rods. The rods are joined together at the entry station and disconnected at the exit station.  The production capacity is 2,400 feet per day with a 0.0015" build-up. Extreme deposit uniformity is obtained due to special Durachrome™ chemistry and conforming anodes.
Hard chromium line for production hydraulic cylinder plating. The Chemlock™ lined pit containment below the floor grating holds the deep tanks.
Turn-Key Systems
Dura®, Durachrome®, Micro Tuff®, Chemlock® and Zero Discharge Recovery® are trade names of Plating Resources, Inc. Copyright and all other World Rights Reserved, 1990, 1995, 2012.



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