Support Services

“Total Project Responsibility” From a Single Source

Plating Resources, Inc. can provide all of the technical support services needed to get your company from the concept stage all the way through to a fully operational system, with the environmental permits in place and your operators fully trained.

We also provide our valued clients with after sale technical support for years to come.

Plating Resources, Inc. forms a partnership with our clients that far exceeds that of a typical vendor – customer relationship. We build partnerships to ensure your success.

Following is a brief list of the services that are available. The more important ones have their own link with additional information.

Project Feasibility Study
We are frequently asked to estimate the costing involved to purchase and operate a plating system for processing a given size and volume of parts. Unfortunately, an “off the shelf” system does not exist as each one is engineered and built for a specific application. The sizing and costing will vary drastically depending upon a host of factors. Obtaining a realistic number is not possible without first involving an engineering effort. Serious candidates will want figures they can rely on and not a number that is merely guessed at.

The only way to handle this dilemma is to have a Project Feasibility Study completed that is specific to your application. This will involve the type of plating to be done, the deposit thicknesses, the size range of the parts and the quantity to be processed in a given timeframe. All of these factors will affect the overall price of the system.

Plating Resources, Inc. is positioned to provide clients with the needed Project Feasibility Study. This detailed study projects costs associated with both purchasing and operating the plating system. It includes details on the recommended process cycle, the bath chemistry, the processing times, the sizing of the equipment, the application of Zero Discharge Recovery™, the floor space and utility requirements, as well as many other related concerns.

This document is used to determine the viability of proceeding with the project. It can also be valuable for loan or investor purposes.

Final System Engineering:
Final System Engineering is usually done once the decision to proceed with the project has been made. This decision is typically based upon a review of the data that was provided earlier in the Project Feasibility Study. All aspects of the project are reviewed during the final engineering phase. Blueprints of the entire system and all of its components are provided along with detailed specifications on all of the equipment that will be needed. Final Engineering also verifies that the bath chemistry selected is appropriate with relation to environmental compliance, worker safety issues and the application of our Zero Discharge Recovery™ technology. Much of the data generated in final engineering will also be used for the Permit Applications and development of the Operation & Maintenance Plan.

Permit Applications:
Plating Resources, Inc. can also provide the calculations needed for the permit applications as well as services for drafting the various application forms themselves. This is complicated work that must be coordinated with the engineering provided earlier and prior experience regarding ejection rates, removal efficiencies and discharge limits.

The permit application package needs to be professionally drafted so that it is accurate yet does not restrict the facility to unrealistic numbers that would unfairly limit future operation by eliminating flexibility.

Equipment Procurement:
There are two (2) ways to obtain the plating equipment:

True Turn-Key Approach
Using a true Turn-Key approach, Plating Resources, Inc. would fabricate, deliver and install all of the equipment and support components detailed in the Final Engineering. The buyer only needs to issue a single purchase order. This is the more expensive of the two options.

Project Consultant
Plating Resources, Inc. can also be the Project Consultant as part of your team; our goals are aligned with yours. With this approach, we still provide all of the services that are needed. The only difference is in how the equipment items are purchased. Plating Resources, Inc. will provide a list of component specifications along with data on the recommended equipment vendors. These are companies that are known for their quality and responsibility. The buyer would handle the price negotiations and place orders directly with the various manufacturers.

This typically results in a 35-45% overall project savings as it eliminates the mark-up on the equipment.

Plating Resources, Inc. can provide either method of equipment procurement, True Turn-Key or Project Consultant, whichever is best for you.

System Installation:
There are also two ways to handle the plating system installation.

1. Complete System Installation
In this scenario, Plating Resources, Inc. handles all aspects of the installation including the service connections. Experienced installers will be provided along with an on-site supervisor. In some cases, the installation time and cost can be reduced by providing equipment that is Modularized, ie: preassembled, pre-plumbed and pre-wired.

Any trade services that may be needed they are typically obtained locally.

This is the more expensive of the two options.

2. Installation Supervisor
Plating Resources, Inc. can also provide an Installation Supervisor to oversee the work performed by your personnel. This can be either on a full time or on an as needed basis depending upon the size and scope of the job. The buyer would provide the labor and materials needed.

This typically results in a 50 – 70% savings on the installation cost.

Bath Make-Up, Start-Up & Run-Off:
Plating Resources, Inc. can provide services for the critical initial Bath Make-Up of all plating and process solutions. Without professional assistance, an improper bath make-up can result in an unsuccessful operation. Also included is the Start-Up of all equipment components to ensure that they are operating properly and as designed. A Run-Off period is then provided where actual production is run for a period of time to verify that both throughput and quality are as designed.

Operator Training:
Plating Resources, Inc. can provide complete training of your operators and management personnel in the art -science of electroplating. A typical training period is 2-3 weeks depending upon the size of the installation and its complexity. We generally don’t recommend the hiring of someone with prior plating experience as your lead man. The reason is that many platers have some bad habits that are difficult to break, especially when it comes to Zero Discharge Recovery™ and the environment. It is better to let us train an existing employee; we will provide the needed skills and knowledge required to operate a modern plating facility. This person does not need to have a chemical degree; a high school education is more than adequate. You only need someone with a willingness to learn, the ability to follow procedures, have reasonable hand-eye coordination, and be handy with tools. This person should also be self motivated, have a working knowledge of basic math and possess overall common sense. Plating Resources, Inc. will provide the needed training in plating techniques beyond that.

A typical scenario is 20% classroom and 80% hands on using your new equipment. All aspects of the process are covered including the environment, worker safety and quality control. If desired, we can even include testing and certification of those trained.

Laboratory Back-Up:
Plating Resources, Inc. provides laboratory testing equipment and instruments so the buyer is able to analyze their own plating solutions. This ensures that the bath chemistry is optimized at all times. Training in the use of this testing equipment is also included. We then encourage our clients to send us periodic bath samples for a back-up analysis and to check for contaminants.

Future Technical Support:
Plating Resources, Inc. is available for future technical support and assistance after your system is operational, and for years to come. This support may be in the form of technical information, troubleshooting, re-training of operators or any other needs that may arise. Our future support will ensure your success.