Turn-Key Systems

Plating Resources, Inc. provides plating system capabilities on a global basis. Innovative engineering and the latest in practical technology are used in the design. This applies whether it is for a small manual system or a large computer-controlled system for high production output.

Each plating system is designed and fabricated for your specific application. This provides you with maximized throughput while minimizing operational costs. A Plating Resources, Inc. system provides the following benefits:

Direct Cost Savings
Improvement In Quality
Reduced Turnaround Time
Control Of Manufacturing
Environmental Assurance

While some companies may be reluctant to establish a plating operation, this may actually be a benefit due to current environmental laws. A company that out sources plating may be liable for the cost of the clean-up should their vendor shut down or be forced out of business for any reason. A State-Of-The-Art plating facility is environmentally safe and the responsibility can be controlled when done in-house. The opposite is true when using an outside vendor to process your work.

In today’s business climate it is essential that a plating facility be designed and installed in accordance with all EPA regulations. In fact, our goal is to exceed the standards by a significant amount. This provides you, the operator, with the needed peace of mind and avoidance of potential future liability.

The approach that we use follows this concept which requires following a logical sequence:

Phase 1 Project Feasibility Study
Phase 2 Final System Engineering
Phase 3 Permit Applications
Phase 4 Permit Review & Comment
Phase 5 Equipment Procurement
Phase 6 Installation of Equipment
Phase 7 Start-Up & Run-Off Period
Phase 8 Stack Testing & Operation Permit
Phase 9 Operator Training
Phase 10 Future Technical Support

What Is Turn-Key The plating industry is full of equipment manufacturers that claim to provide turn-key systems. What they call turn-key is worlds apart from what you might see the term meaning. These manufacturers may install a plating machine that transports a load of racks through a series of tanks, and to them that’s turn-key. The critical point is what’s missing from their concept, things that are needed for a fully operational department in your company, things like:

  • Responsibility for design & production output.
  • Detailed overall project engineering.
  • Zero Discharge™ with no sewer connections, not waste treatment
  • Lined containment & subsoil protection.
  • Environmental Permit Applications.
  • Copper bussing from rectifiers to the tanks.
  • Bath chemistry & replacement chemicals.
  • Initial bath make-up, a critical item.
  • Including the anodes needed.
  • Designing & providing racks & fixtures.
  • Purification of incoming water.
  • CPVC plumbing & all plumbing connections.
  • Laboratory & control equipment.
  • Technical Support on plating issues.
  • Training of operators & management.

All of these items are needed for a functional plating system; one that is actually in operation and handling your production. Plating Resources, Inc. has enough experience with electroplating to know what the requirements are.